Episode 36 - the launch of Jaimie Batchan's novel Siphonophore Something a little different for the first pod of 2021:
Well sort of.. With the launch of bookshop.org in the UK we thought we should take the chance to look
In this month's episode, we caught up with John Englehardt, author of 'Bloomland' (2019, Dzanc Books). John has also written
In this month's episode we took a wild ride with David Keenan. David was born in Glasgow and grew up
In this month's episode we speak to Gabriel Josipovici. Our discussion covered how his writing has developed over six decades,
On this month's episode we speak to Irish-Canadian author Anakana Schofield, author of Malarky (2012), Martin John (2015) and Bina
Something a little different this month as Lochlan and Jaimie pause to review how the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted their
n episode 30, we speak to writer, translator and musician, Jen Calleja to discuss: bus travel as fertile ground for
In episode 29, we speak to writer and broadcaster Hamid Ismailov. Hamid joined us pre-Covid-19-lockdown, on his way to the
This episode is a little different to our usual output as we speak to Jonathan Simons: publisher, writer, editor, musician,