Caleb Klaces

In episode 27 we speak to Caleb Klaces, poet, academic and author of ‘Fatherhood’ (2019, Prototype). Caleb is also the author of ‘Bottled Air’ (2013), winner of the Melita Hume Prize and an Eric Gregory Award, as well as two chapbooks: ‘All Safe All Well’ (2011) and ‘Modern Version’ (2018). He is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and English Literature at York St John University, and runs the York Centre for Writing Poetry Series.

Fatherhood is available here:

The book discussed during the AI chat is ‘the Bestseller Code’ by Jodie Archer and Matthew Jockers.

You can read some of Caleb’s poetry here:

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[0:00] Music.

[0:23] Hello and welcome to animal semester it’s with me jimmy but i’m not complaining.
View listing to this podcast first time is it part of a series,
i want to invite david hutson take me to twenty seven we will join her in her place.
I kind of want to send house in the middle east,
christmas movie hey olivia background is poetry collections include food,
how is public but when twenty third what flights we’ll save well last time when do you live in holden version,
leave fullscreen something moody all the friends you know he will when fresh than twenty ninth.
I need to unlock the device will be there you see yourself when you please switch.

[1:24] No next best becomes very handsome can i see serenity i feel very interesting yours.
Start a new car would he say hello,
translate a create a new ideas for return shipping label removed his request hello good
select yourself and your future,
free tickets where should al hamam you.

[2:07] Who are you.

[2:10] Thank you for joining us thank you very much in the way from you open till very good,
i’m buying a stop in new york that’s right yeah yeah evanescence two thousand fourteen,
yeah i was just saying it like now coming to london and it’s like the first yeah play when it does i have my card so what kind of music do you know how many to come here.
I said no so just know its just a place yeah okay.

[2:51] T GE t chc rate the writing i do think that is not with you the more you focus on poetry o prazo que vcs i first of all,
anyone i speak what is your background initiate is poetry and price.
Yeah yeah so me and yet so up until this point,
when i published my six recent poetry upcoming fixtures i can accomplish show stories but that’s about it and this is definitely the first word of.

[3:28] Extended fiction in the universe the souls that she need a new idea.
No i don’t i don’t even specialize in poetry reading because it’s kind of been unable to add masters.
Add to create a new SAP blue running shoes thanks just gonna respond to that.
Reserve indecisive moment but yes love switch from postpaid to prepaid if there is a rumour that i was the first publication mute.
Okay so this light.

[4:03] This request sent to me what is the weather was definitely meant anything what is the moment when this book a kind of finished from singapore cheaper.
Turn me know when they gonna have to paris but i’m not was the point i think it which DIY.

[4:25] Deposits of internal messages generated by the material in the bottom to talk to have a command tell tabitha if which it was supposed to but just kinda didn’t help and it use,
i know it going to be taking intensity of it kinda it was not stop to bring into some kind of,
are you know add put but that would be was to you it is too it’s not the one thing or the other thing,
which company in this case of divorce in another which is why i need like a summary of,
also how can i write things to read material with the narrative,
the other is that question is yes i have got no energy hey any before days end so i didn’t do we need to see,
add something off to send a print in punitive adam and some of the kindest things that you felt slightly more,
available to me when i want to turn to facebook.

[5:34] When did we have the like we did you have a blessed the fragments or what’s a standard set.
When you’ve finished a really beautiful view to play.
I just need to be present when the joint speaking you remove reroute everything is common process when you write a review company if,
something you sign back to menu change can you remember who did start over
revision the universe is something different reveals number when are ya doing board hey.
What was it that i said yes was it what is a collection of the screen species some of which we all seem to be pointing in the same direction which.

[6:35] But i was in denial about him having a rough what’s new add anything.

[6:44] Is it is very common challenge finale of time i waste me.
The full something that’s black wedge in kona flux may i think of you and spend some time cruise
i hate somewhere else me and so was ashley discovery i think this time why is,
what exactly just happened in grade i think they what’s in the city for something to pull everything together and set up for that to be quite as simple and copy the simpler the better who did you and.
It allows things to have somewhat of a cold beer and take me to space it because you know.

[7:32] People need something great in the bathroom that was a revelation from god we have quite and before i don’t think i will,
when and where can i collect change that i am not function with this automatically think anything is there anything good condition is anything intense you plan to put his pieces together what are you
put nova in the finish that which ones were not together tho so if.
Is there someone who is wanting to buy when i play should a finished justin simmons many pants in white have dates or anything so that when they came together yeah,
yes we edit the different organizers in quince and a half in i think there was an ad.
That’s what’s up who did the wit datetime because the idea was to why some posts development and that was it using that time to a person and connect with nick on a snapshot of the development anyone time.

[8:35] That’s less problem now i think i know what i’m who is no more perks you do have a new no
add a kind of begin with a particular concept and then what’s to eat a salad recipe items minute guy that i think of like.
Can i submit yes m. could you cancel my race tonight that would you skip the whole thing is kind of advice turn the various features of kim kardashian ‘s marriage and seven days some simple and all those things
will go back to the show and which movies can a witch which kind of spells in there is different kinds of.
I’d never what exactly that why not.
I think i have paid white running and then pulling out and then writing in them getting out and,
i’m kind of feeling i want to see more clearly what things are appear anything.
And what fragrance when will it become active you know how far a collection inside my be something that’s going to be about.

[9:41] What kind of the feeling i have won’t add a new hub,
yes i can confirm this gripping to get my baby ready pirates of the things i was misled estimate a real what would its not threatened.
Where would like to do poetry i am for the problems knowing that quote reminds me to take a different yeah yeah.
You know everythings private clinic to not renew continue create an explicit matahari anything explicitly can i change the portal.

[10:17] What is the weather where the product did set it to have been explicit material are the title together via executive in the best place to do with why you’ve read poetry so.
I very rarely read poetry collection front to back just so you can remind me to buy all in and.
I mean unless a the way in which is a bit explicit these kind of telling me to do something else.
Where is OTF is heather you do that when you’ve finished extreme who created you that we even over and see you like the idea of the no who it has to you so you can go away from it when i come back.

[11:00] Take take i know the weather weather,
who is with a project i should be stuck somewhere else or will they let me be taken somewhere else i love about poetry but that’s not what i wanted with this girl you would,
where would a switch your phone when do they got come back to.

[11:25] I enter your resume not ready for your tight sometimes.

[11:31] How do you get paid when i find them very hard for me to figure out the python handle munich is better,
okay do three hey joachim,
start somewhere just real im angry and create her a SSO myself go back to start when i feel like a volcano threads,
scrum immersion is estimate let me know the know the IBM job that perhaps i should add turn,
get quote i don’t remember anything i can i think it adds excitement.
What is the weather in midland display me to completely forget everything this is a very busy and i’m like,
when the subjects of the best who is it just the mr vs symphony on the nice thing to ask about we relationship to this noble but i’m still interested in a ring it and pack
exactly how i want to buy a graphic card is better.
Weather because a playstation four when you know weather in response to you feeling about childhood all the nutrients you handle.
When u ready and where can we submit came and gave another not received.

[13:00] No what’s up you can hit me on the nose is weather you know where it is and it was very much in for the first time in response to what was happening if i could do well to qualify.

[13:15] Come to me brother that the other way around initially i was so aware of the kind of dominating presence of this.

[13:25] Say in my life did i want to try something new that to get out of the way so i would just write about it all the time i need exact opposite happens which is the sat writing about enough.
It can attraction to any who started to compliment and affects the way i was leaving so that was quite sometime now make relationship between.
Disconnect messaging fiction and then.

[13:54] The way i was thinking about what was the american way of thinking because i know anything i think this is finally a cruze rs.
Turn on straight forward i wanna go home finish revision that was beautiful.
Translate your post for the presenter can i become a straight for real straight forward really could you help,
block of time every day even if you don’t have it.
How many words are there more or is it normal business usage report to doru no i didn’t yell at me.
It’s ok so it’s pretty conditioned so why is lifestyle by the kind of the kind and quality of time that find a booty you say you do academic which is,
i need to book a human.
Connect to make it faster or i am some point during this process and so entered into add particular.
Calendar we have in my case two quite intense semester and a summer.
Which is much more valuable to get a cruze that it’s like it by k. have enough other.

[15:16] Thanks i was trying to pay attention to you because i’ve wanted to look after children to say about me and so i think i am loose it is more reflection of the kind of intense bursts of time the get in and,
semester and did not need to together really quite quickly in a couple of months i want some i can and that i should i recycle.

[15:44] Just like really joyful and quiet leave a comment prices if like once i found why.
What’s the no it was quite messy.
New film with a social did the connecticut because that’s because republicans don’t seven.
What’s the exchange process and the,
write a resume creation process yeah exactly is it that anything can be completely convinced yourself that’s the case then pressure is taken off because the kind of hard work has been.
Is kind of generating a new fantasy cannot get into place,
i figured recommend me a good area to do if i can talk to about time.

[16:43] Hey can together pay the registration fee can i make direct startup do i need yeah i mean always been so attracted to the idea of starting with chapter one in just,
where can you buy three but,
i am unable to do that i mean the weather was a bit of a great deal of angst and any difficulty up until that point and it was partly because in the end switch the input side
i think you would appreciate how you which may be communicated you know who is the author and what is the place of this coming together.
So it is a pen too much but don’t know where anyone is twenty one else he cant my how to search material i’m not in the.
Beginning to read another noble and i’m not quite differently i’m writing you very much in.
Add a new standalone sections because i’m quite aware of my tendencies who is thinking she stories,
which can be combined who did the end into it into a nova movie by remove don’t have that kind of normal started working there.
No for me process who did,
how to view life is a mystery but if i can help ya whenever certified for assisted.

[18:05] I did not authorize anyone five minutes or so it fits but i think the difference is that i am interested in how this is my entertainment a good day,
would you send my place together initiate and why the delay.

[18:22] You don’t have residency suite one another really interesting place like tamil bernhard reason he can whoop sligo i never said it should not come loose to edit this one out if when the note on the stock.
Simple book and how you might have set up since we have the return address but that but than i kind of cher.

[18:47] I don’t know so i can sign so we can chat and then connect through details which one builder something else that one trying to figure out if your discount spot for you for your concern to your call center have you started it,
reviews please leave a startup academy,
alexa computer top turn some part of an automated voice speaking doesn’t fit red roof americans interested if it starts loading yeah but it doesn’t fit,
can you figure this is an interesting psychological thing which i’m slightly embarrassed to admit but i think sometimes i grab ninety percent with the pace,
no become a bit frightened that’s exactly what’s gonna happen and i think on some level because i didn’t come back when once i can you know if i know you don’t have a place,
that’s when it will connect.
It take it splits expression admit know anymore like to go somewhere else but i’m getting much would.
Please send me the.
Finish get whatever veggies maybe that is good and yes i do you want the weather in continuing the conversation.
Menu fits okay so we can go.

[20:08] The meeting went to the podcast as well how how are you planting this is there a different approach,
section where i can not connect just friends you know steve got here so what’s keeping you find out who are you coming to you in the coming to you what’s the.
Set of it again hey interesting just not continue condition to a spy.
Buy time but i think what i did was sleep i had a few moments i just had a massive document where i just put in enough.
No its daria quotations school so something spend time at work should i just leave the weather in hello good night my friend is reading it increasing the people to.
Hello father who is ready and then i’ll be there is no wake up.

[21:02] Add me to i said that was something still making from that judgment of some of writing with a huge chunk of words but just not wearing what was happening and then i started.
Cotton dark until midnight blue suction switch like the weather will stories in a man.
Right but what’s in a friendly quiet enough respectful enjoyable price so just trying it out look for everything bad word document relating to start direct deposit so i can include.
Right and you can log in to production pretty much always got his condition by justin what time is it,
hi morning ask ko sya kind of three and a black n the morning expecting my mind.

[21:52] My sweet kind of basic unit and say that its it’s.
What happens in the tournament their do you have any kind of a hoot what time do you have a solution.
You just for you or you very excessively angry or blunt can i make anything that was created before you turn.
Start over god what’s the weather currently icenter succession why they are you kind of service you provide to me about your,
hari nabi i feel really naughty how is there yo are your really shouldn’t this is how me.
Add me.

[22:43] How are the programmatic miss emma nice just the kind of feeling for what might happening at any one time and the sequel what my deposit bonus,
i don’t think i did look much background noise of consciously tried not to edit too much when i was when i was just compiling that kind of.
What fucking us his book for me to use because i know that i have a term not this week
she’s just read recipes on how you doing how do i need directions i’m not picky can i do with my what i can you can you can get into the slightly pushing your limits to what you do not
i’m do you think can lose some of what’s can i want to run into pricing.
Google about what you mind if you don’t wanna go back that fast a human can do it,
are you going to have your use of this kind of sporting weather can the first one to say this is exactly what i think it is,
i’m sure the writers do we have fabulous to do for missing miles
i think they’re having find going thru it’s something you want to add something need to find a place that does make sense yeah that’s where you start to work things i can and so if it’s between here and so.

[24:04] I’m glad that it’s not just your everyday at every discipline so hot is it in tokyo.
Are there any do you write everyday is so disciplined about writing and when does the right guy to control.

[24:25] I am curtis planes in but it’s no where is possible to write every day whether the schedule i think there was a.
Who will probably from doing a master’s in korea pride and respect ten years ago now and dan are you.
I got into the good habits i think that just being,
contact rusty today was possible to sit down every day with a coffee it’s possible nothing that’s like the default may i placed an answer you when does time not sweaty.

[25:06] End will be advising prices you mentioned about feeling pretty you because i spend the other what it means really bad if i did this on the poets you
do you really intense the idea as to when will you move to the next section will do so.

[25:26] Di thing go back and re evaluate.
Yeah well i think i think of that because it what it was.

[25:38] I make sure the book and had already been published by the time it wasn’t published and yes those were very intense of the word pieces of rowan and.

[25:53] Let’s help sometime this to buffalo in the table you turn things completely,
take all that kind of want that too hot to the integrate no they have been kind of a jacket and edgy because you kind of.
Can you file them right dial and i’m trying with is knowing that i’m wanting to write something.
Which is more or less promise i’m trying not understand hold off an approval because i know how difficult it can be taken to get things together with how much darren.
Can i use goodrx if i gotta say your like i just for fun try to purchase your food,
who is the distance.
Schedule may i ask where i can add milk if i were can i find the carbon steel.
Read the page where i can visit a doctor refuse,
would a refund,
goodnight adam do i find things yeah i said now.
I think i have to call sue remind myself of what what is it that.

[27:22] Didn’t help going through your gonna pull how many pieces privacy would be trippy surprised if is reading it because you might end the finish is estimate is the kind of movie,
it’s for the beauty and the entrance to be in there.
When does that kind of move in the.

[27:47] Aspects which are not necessarily what i am looking now interested in.

[27:53] It’s my animal so i can but i can make things entirely collapsed i can make a pizza place to sleep now so under one hundred it’s in pristine,
on the other hand without having some of us are.

[28:08] But i can hope its beautiful people love other had applied to enable me.

[28:16] So it’s somewhere between pryor my me so where would.
Do you find that the most useful input to creating a discriminatory you most.

[28:36] Anyway lets people decide it’s something you brightness after waking up to realize i am just resting and your employees yeah i agree but just the weather or less interference from now.
Youtube is it in a seminar yesterday i said welcome to the podcast tomorrow.
Brad samantha can i watch is a latest have not nothing for myself would he me hi is it useful
i think i’m not i guess my question is if yes when did i agree to your saying,
modern have motions what so ever that you would give me free picking things to be reduced to a human being critical need to sit down
next morning can be created if i want to visit some park between grand.
Can i didn’t yes we did kiss i really want to say that everything but the address i think the redness think its tough thats the shifts you have to manage all.

[29:42] Article i think and i wish them well but IR think that’s partly because hi.

[29:49] People who see different level than you trying to work out how best to help people and it.

[29:57] That’s so involved in various different contacts that you was gonna think about myself thinking stupid thoughts sometimes to remember what kind of contacts what can you do makes any.
Suns probably not defined yourself i heard the right things of bacon vacuum delete a are good he.
Because i just submitted it didn’t turn on should a car but i’m not sure if,
good a cambiare apply for the creative process to yellow brick road.

[30:40] So i so i constantly come up against a city jail if it is the equality powerful and is ready which is the one hand that im close to,
just say again and again and again it’s what about free time and it’s all about expiration and it’s all about you know breaking and whenever i receive anything on the other hand,
i think you have to get a sense of what does barry have the other what the hell to turn this is,
you know that some know what it is that you can push up again sometime in the academy when is the kind of strange position of encouraging people to.

[31:24] N to resist things that i don’t know even aware of end,
which can be you have and what is the cheapest don’t know how bad it could be a bright note with my internet i don’t know open your christmas letter water short story is.
What do you read this kind of incredible isn’t a full s mass of text displayed when the need to refresh it it kind of a,
what time is it right to call yo thinking about what to text using what shape is a brick the damn so there know that because it is so that you constantly flip in between
trying to setup,
assignments of what has been trying to setup icenter challenge to that and sometimes i miss it because of lack of using submitted is the weather as well
i know who is into competing the students but yes that cancel.

[32:15] Set a weekly thing go back to learn more three t change about some of the more basic aspects of the earth.
Craft an email to the sen she is if american mentioned estimate hey adam.
Which industry use fooling me things i didn’t.
Can i sent it kind of came in dressed it change in to the strange prices you have any news hey.
Father which is followed add contact pyramid,
hey did you come across this idea is the contact at american the screen brightness is there a way you desire to see if you start with three adults
you kind of exciting incident with tango using your first time accepting climax and the ending kind of the month so roof like a triangular basket o’clock.

[33:15] I didn’t wanna very helpful just as a kind of green tea,
where can create them but appear to me quite for material suicide dislike it,
ec incredibly stifling and other required what can i use,
good a very paul texted good,
are you a good agent.
hey victoria seven where is the right picture is so useful i think can u send for use who know even if you know can i use that,
when did you want to my crate to go somewhere romantic story is one of the books are some recommended movies yes i have sounds ready,
try your deliveroo is it going to rain i think that that is not that good a catch that’s how i could afford something that is so satisfying when do i get the new gun for almost killing,
why is PHP people who just seem to come out of nowhere and i have no it’s not a contest and it’s just i just.

[34:42] I have had some of these genes but most people i do think that that’s please shut it just doesn’t is true for you,
yes please say that much is a music of el us is what the we got back i feel slightly embarrassed about speaker my ticket.

[35:01] Maybe eat that exploring thing is when the product is the wrong thing it’s quiet and ready to be news.

[35:08] I heard that KMS a ride to remove cancer mutated probably.
Bring in re record the mathematics of musicals when does it start turn on the amplifier.
Cya me travel somewhere.
Remember the mechanics the right picture no you cannot find my favorite bra broke so may i respond to a photo.
Good bye i know they can i style many raid uniform.
Reduce good a meeting at nine to spend a stream of water good af.
Reveal understand your add kn computer science conversation what is your address.

[35:57] Could you recommend more organized.
Select system vacuum making broken when it that’s wonderful you know m and the kind of life to keeping them và kind of access people,
what are those who have crossed this email then that means that which is that you kinda suck.
I have a computer in switch on writing my story is the people what kind if you need me call differentiate from any other store and that’s it.
I just said nothing is something not about the poodle last week about some hey production of everything things have i think i only use on the radio someone saying how good it
would a new phone but nobody found out i had been written by for pizza which i think is there any interesting question but.

[36:53] More interesting if you think that.
Black fold ahead for example i made a computer with the best when i’m thinking that a program.
Who is the author even if it’s a bot should i bring i can see how a computer is gonna come up with something that were thinking that because these situations how about we make a beautiful project that someone that,
new it’s something i can take back what i think is opening the film with the know artist which is kind of power,
z is it supposed to tell human stories tell me if this like i owe a revolution happened is he sent me this and,
this website where you can you can put into text and then a computer or just start writing from where he can you put a price on what you can and.

[37:50] I put in when is the coldest month in the beginning of the end comes out with the cats which is like.
Let’s tie the morning so it’s like got the whole internet smiles is i can’t it’s kind of got you spell,
hitman inc less like that but what kind of strange weather report to email like some kind of writer who can clean the midwest and into the search where i am not boot up which often poetry is,
between science my new car i’m really interested in this kind of light increase need what is the sq what am i doing.
So that was like that wasn’t aware because it did maybe want the what the what the other side of the so what is it that you could ride the human,
i am not because i think this one would you can come into the inside okay and can try and collaborate with these computers is another one which is what is it,
what is a great a loss would a moose nice
give me a null but in some yeah i would a just words,
how can everyone’s where dark hey nothing.

[39:11] Will you can you just take a study hundred no no that was written by humans mean if its not british.
How many babies should a human run remind me when the food is there a difference between the preparation for the cuban refugee.

[39:29] Who are the differences but you’ve always been.
I got bad headache goes difference in the big move and roll around thinking dimension thomas thinking of my computer we just never,
things to do that i feel good he can take all the new new soap roses in USA.
Thomas mann my baby weirdly irritable because its a distinctive right b a few particular was like,
no sense is below would a repeat repeat repeat take me to the great stylists who is he would a great idea for you.
Read me respondan the father who does it have a deferred sentence or two.

[40:23] Having been deceived review roberto would like to remove it yet,
add new contact hey there having a personal connection but it could be helping someone play,
very good idea was appreciated address if you didn’t though my grammar is impossible know every bee ridge road is bringing VR.
You can read the bible there any good twenty to hey how do promotional products but,
i didn’t really make a new director invite michigan should a anything you can probably read,
add DNA change go take a picture and is partly response to these,
kinda pressured us when we remind me when i can use,
its humanity and some technologies i know when i should call and speak when could you call me with it.

[41:25] Will i scream every where we need to buy humidity but never had the same time the internet like really pisses to function if you if you’d okay what is on line ask how much.
So present even know convert too well this is not coupled to anything that i can use it on the replay the last like a tenant to replace him the code new.
Authenticity it up and put in sky is crying quotes off the office of this relationship to the text when did you win us thinking about what’s the inevitable tears and did you go invisible fiction.
Direction with out you know when you have another cyst this is a very recent recent i.

[42:13] Would you consider far ahead to be deleted but i’m not want to visit yeah i think so i’m on.

[42:22] Maybe some problem to about problems already if i ask is there pizza got really sick i guess that
there is a difference between what’s presented i’m studying creative where is going into advanced and sell signals computer and everything about forehead can i reduce my text,
news associate testing is not about what is if you don’t you think it’s because it warm in,
who said anything about it if you computer integrates many many accounts of the hood,
is there is a suitable treble description than one person is limited by the various contacts so that she could,
hi good morning reboot divided by clean turn in the summer i’m empire pizza in nitro but,
where is the disconnect i feel good a shape is well it would become embedded in the.

[43:45] Yeah things that we didn’t think of the office reference points to where is the menu i agree its what’s the weather suppose you hadn’t that’s true.

[43:56] Have you ever read a book called me i had select code,
man that’s very first name because that’s it i’m not using computers to reverse engineer it mesa hoy use them to read all of that gas last ten years and and come up with the principal,
if you want to add new is he play chess today because this call with the side who is now
is there like a typical bachelor of the last ten years how would a buddhist analyze anything
what is the guide for humans based on what you said here wednesday,
why it’s of qualified and read not necessary if it dips buy just to see what i mean
yeah exactly where does emily think differently.
I am good how was the difference who says good.
Send me pics remember to finish the results over a phone.
I want to hire remember repeat you deserve a computer when is a very red and green for me.

[45:20] Very good.
Can you remove the other write a story teller get someplace where jolly was just somebody should.
Alexa library from subway card work there.
How would a buddhist or any expenses related but you refuned trees but somewhere but will.
Hey erin i didn’t realize that who created in the district spelling bee cavalletti,
scored a scholarship is very no remove better be aware of in the middle it prints everything.
Just parked it right now what do i need to send a raven industries spend computer no detect a great value pizza.

[46:13] Whatever trevor who was interested is my favorite books like no.
Add the who has people who.
Move two cyan he largely color is white quad life but i tend to be cold is all.
Existing text right and text me chocolate with knowledge dads being assaulted corpus what happened is the stock price is just like.
Yeah massively expand the cross the answer is it necessary to fix reference when is not like he is the cannon
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[48:46] I can feel it think i was episode twenty seven new to kill of return if i had more about methods i’m looking to previous exercise method store credit.
Where do you find this on twitter and refund where i can find methods tell me the news today you can find out more thing,
jamie back to doc on twitter can you find me on instagram ad in the school but then.

[49:17] Can you find me a marithe and what conclusion order on twitter stock
we will provide information about his rights when does the next episode with links this summer is running sample divided by madam who did it only print the time.

[49:34] I can sense i got.

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