David Shields

This month, we chat with David Shields about his unique approach to writing on the boundary between reality and fiction. David is the internationally bestselling author of twenty-five books, including Reality Hunger (which, in 2020, Lit Hub named one of…

Johanna Hedva

In this episode we’re joined by Johanna Hedva, a Korean American writer, artist, and musician who was raised in Los Angeles by a family of witches, and now lives in LA and Berlin.

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

In this episode we speak with the Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. An indefatigable defender and promoter of African literature and language, Ngũgĩ’s writing spans from the early 1960s onwards and he talked to us about…

Daisy Hildyard

This month we’re joined by Daisy Hildyard, the author of two novels – Emergency (2022) and Hunters in the Snow (2013) – and one work of nonfiction, The Second Body (2017).

Ansgar Allen

This month we retreated from the audio realm to sit down with Ansgar Allen for minor literature[s]. We discuss his fiction, the processes behind it, and the creative and critical power of irreverence.

Ewan Fernie and Simon Palfrey

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Unsound Methods – thank you to everyone who’s joined us along the way, and hello to any new arrivals… In this episode we speak to Ewan Fernie and Simon…

Jenny Landreth

In a slight shift from our literary fiction focus, we caught up with writer and script editor Jenny Landreth – one of the driving forces behind the brilliant children’s animated TV show ‘Hey Duggee’. Having both…

Etgar Keret

In this episode with chat with Etgar Keret, writer of short stories, comics, a children’s book and a memoir. Etgar’s books have been published in fifty languages and his writing has appeared in The New York…

Daniel Davis Wood

Our guest in this episode is Australian writer Daniel Davis Wood, author of Blood and Bone (2014) which won the Viva La Novella Prize and At the Edge of the Solid World (2020), which was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin…

Claudia Durastanti

This month we speak to writer and translator Claudia Durastanti. We cover the importance of travel and geography in writing, mapping fictional spaces, translation and the overlap of metaphor between languages.

Miguel Cullen

In episode 50, we speak to poet Miguel Cullen, whose work has involved integrating sound chips and video-screens into bound collections, raising some interesting blends of form.

Richard Beard

This month we speak to Richard Beard, author of six novels including Lazarus is Dead, Dry Bones and Damascus, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. 

Sam Byers

This month we talk to Sam Byers, author of Idiopathy, Perfidious Albion and Come Join Our Disease. We talk about the difficulty in thinking ideas through without writing them down and the pressure for ideas to…

Keith Ridgway

In episode 46, we speak to novelist Keith Ridgway about the daily fight with the concept of routine, specificity of place, giving up writing and returning, and experiencing a reading crisis – followed by being knocked…

Jenn Ashworth

Our guest for episode 45 is Jenn Ashworth and we talk online writing groups, how to trick yourself into writing, drowning in post-it notes and stopping in a good place, amongst other topics

Lucie Elven

This month we are joined by Lucie Elven, short-story writer and author of the Weak Spot. Lucie has written for publications including the London Review of Books, Granta and NOON.  

Rebecca Watson

In episode 43, we’re joined by Rebecca Watson, novelist and arts writer. Rebecca’s debut novel, Little Scratch, grew from a short story that was shortlisted for the White Review short story prize and our chat took…

Natasha Brown

In this episode we’re joined by Natasha Brown, whose novel Assembly is published by Hamish Hamilton in the UK and in the U.S. by Little, Brown

Sophie Mackintosh

In this month’s episode we’re joined by the novelist Sophie Mackintosh, author of ‘the Water Cure’ (2018) and ‘Blue Ticket’ (2020).

David Goldblatt

In this, our 40th episode, we’ve got a special Euro 2020 edition of Unsound Methods, where we speak to writer and academic David Goldblatt.

DBC Pierre

In episode 39 we are joined by DBC Pierre, fresh off a bout of working on a non-fiction work. We discussed how this writing differed from fiction, how constantly reworking sections is a gift that provides…

Jon McGregor

Jon joined us in the midst of full fat lockdown to discuss how he constructs his novels, his writing residency in Antarctica and the research with people who suffer from aphasia and their carers that informed…

Thomas Bernhard mit Douglas Robertson

In episode 37 we’re joined by Douglas Robertson to celebrate the publication of his brand new translation of Thomas Bernhard’s Die Billigesser (the Cheap Eaters) and to discuss our favourite Austrian monologuing misanthrope.

Jaimie Batchan – Siphonophore

Episode 36 – the launch of Jaimie Batchan’s novel Siphonophore Something a little different for the first pod of 2021: Lochlan and Jaimie get together (remotely) and have a couple of drinks to celebrate the launch…

We’ve launched a bookshop!

Well sort of.. With the launch of bookshop.org in the UK we thought we should take the chance to look back at some of our past guests and set up our own collection

John Englehardt

In this month’s episode, we caught up with John Englehardt, author of ‘Bloomland’ (2019, Dzanc Books). John has also written for Vol.1 Brooklyn, Sycamore Review, The Stranger, Seattle Review of Books, Conium Review, Monkeybicycle, and elsewhere.

David Keenan

In this month’s episode we took a wild ride with David Keenan. David was born in Glasgow and grew up in Airdrie, in the west of Scotland, in the late-70s and early-1980s. He is the author…

Gabriel Josipovici

In episode 33, we spoke to Gabriel Josipovici. Our discussion covered how his writing has developed over six decades, the perils of writing an unexpectedly backlash-provoking book on Modernism, the creative possibilities revealed by examining painters…

Anakana Schofield

On this month’s episode we speak to Irish-Canadian author Anakana Schofield, author of Malarky (2012), Martin John (2015) and Bina (2019).

Reading/ Writing in Lockdown

Something a little different this month as Lochlan and Jaimie pause to review how the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted their reading and writing

Jen Calleja

n episode 30, we speak to writer, translator and musician, Jen Calleja to discuss: bus travel as fertile ground for creativity, writing across different forms – from translation to poetry, novels and short stories, and the…

Hamid Ismailov

In episode 29, we speak to writer and broadcaster Hamid Ismailov. Hamid joined us pre-Covid-19-lockdown, on his way to the Faversham Literature Festival.

Jonathan Simons / The Analog Sea

This episode is a little different to our usual output as we speak to Jonathan Simons: publisher, writer, editor, musician, occasional translator, and the person behind the Analog Sea Review.

Caleb Klaces

In episode 27 we speak to Caleb Klaces, poet, academic and author of ‘Fatherhood’ (2019, Prototype).

Vesna Main

In episode 26, we spoke to Vesna Main, author of Good Day? (Salt, 2019) which was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize

Tony White

In episode 25, we speak to Tony White, author of ‘the Fountain in the Forest’ (Faber, 2018) as well as ‘Road Rage’, ‘Satan Satan Satan’, ‘Charlieunklenorfolktango’, ‘Foxy-T’ and several other works.

Yara Rodrigues Fowler

In Episode 24, we speak to Yara Rodrigues Fowler, the author of Stubborn Archivist (Fleet, 2019).

Mazin Saleem

In Episode 23 we speak to Mazin Saleem, the author of ‘the Prick’, published as part of Open Pen’s series of novelettes. We speak to Mazin about discovering that you’re not really a night-owl, using software to…

Shiromi Pinto

In episode 22, we speak to Shiromi Pinto, the author of ‘Plastic Emotions’ (2019, Influx Press) and ‘Trussed’ (2006, Serpent’s Tail). You can order Plastic Emotions here. We spoke to Shiromi about her use of real letters…

Mathias Enard

Mathias Énard

In episode 21 we sit down with Mathias Énard, winner of the Prix Goncourt, to speak to him about his process, the line between history and fiction and the benefits of a good pair of slippers….

Edy Poppy

This month we speak to Norwegian author and artist Edy Poppy. Edy’s debut novel Anatomi. Monotoni. won the Gylendal Prize in 2005 and was recently published in English as Anatomy. Monotony. by Dalkey Archive. Tr. May-Brit Akerholt. Anatomy. Monotony. is available…

Samuel Fisher

In episode 19 we speak to novelist, bookseller and publisher Samuel Fisher.  Sam’s debut ‘the Chameleon’ was published by Salt in 2018. You can buy the Chameleon here: Salt – the Chameleon As we mention at the…

Marc Nash

In episode 18, we speak to Marc Nash, most recently author of ‘Three Dreams in the Key of G’, published by Dead Ink in 2018. Marc joined us in London to discuss choosing the playlist to…

eimear mcbride

Eimear McBride

In episode 28, we were delighted to be joined for a second time by Eimear McBride. Having chatted briefly at the Institut Français, Eimear was kind enough to come to the studio for a more extended…

Christmas Special

No guest this month (don’t worry, we’ve got more fantastic people starting again in January), but in this Xmas ’18 special edition Lochlan and Jaimie get tanked up on port and mince pies and conduct a…

Tom Lee Photo

Tom Lee

This month we speak to Tom Lee award-winning short fiction writer and author of The Alarming Palsy of James Orr. We talk about Tom’s approach to writing and how he finds new ideas, the impact of…

Lars Iyer

In this month’s episode we speak to Lars Iyer, weaver of fiction in blog-form, novelist and erstwhile philosopher. Among many other things we talked to Lars about turning blogs into novels (as he did with his…


Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi

Welcome to the second series of Unsound Methods. In this episode we speak to Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, the author of Call Me Zebra from Alma Books (in the UK). Azareen’s debut novel was Fra…

Beyond Words: Noémi Lefebvre & Eimear McBride

This episode was recorded at the Beyond Words Festival at the Institut Francais on Thursday 17th May 2018. We sat down with Noémi Lefebvre, the author of ‘Blue Self-Portrait’ (available from Les Fugitives: http://www.lesfugitives.com/books/#/blue-self-portrait/) and Eimear…