Hamid Ismailov

In episode 29, we speak to writer and broadcaster Hamid Ismailov. Hamid joined us pre-Covid-19-lockdown, on his way to the Faversham Literature Festival.

Hamid’s novels include ‘the Devil’s Dance’ and ‘of Strangers and Bees’, both available through Tilted Axis Press in the UK. More info at: https://www.tiltedaxispress.com/hamid-ismailov

As a writer who works in Uzbek, Russian and English, our discussion took us on a Eurasian tour of societies, cultures and languages. Hamid outlined his ‘writing a book during autumn and winter’ approach, and we learnt a bit more about what it’s like to be banned in your own country (not just his work, Hamid continues to be prohibited from entering Uzbekistan to this day).

Author image credit: Amos Chapple

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