Anakana Schofield

“What you push against is as important as what you reach towards”

On this month’s episode we speak to Irish-Canadian author Anakana Schofield, author of Malarky (2012), Martin John (2015) and Bina (2019).

Anakana joined us from the West Coast of Canada to discuss representations of older women in fiction, the musical score of the novel and missing out on multiple Christmases to complete her work, plus much else besides.

In the UK, Anakana has written for the Guardian:

Her website is here:
And she is on Twitter: @anakanaschofielInstagram: @anakana.schofield
Bina is published in the UK by Fleet (Little Brown), in Canada by Knopf Canada and will be published in the U.S. by New York Review of Books (out in early 2021). 
There’s a great video interview with Anakana courtesy of Toronto Public Library, which you can find here:

Author photo credit: Arabella Campbell

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