Jaimie Batchan – Siphonophore

Episode 36 – the launch of Jaimie Batchan’s novel Siphonophore

Something a little different for the first pod of 2021: Lochlan and Jaimie get together (remotely) and have a couple of drinks to celebrate the launch of Jaimie’s debut novel ‘Siphonophore’ – which is out now through Valley Press.

The chat covers Jaimie’s approach to writing, a bit of his history, sacrilegious suggestions of cuts to Finnegans Wake and a discussion of the fundamental weakness of analogies highlighting unnecessary cruelty to both cats and frogs.

If you are interested in reading Siphonophore (and huge thanks if you are – JB), then you can find the book here: https://www.valleypressuk.com/book/154/siphonophore – by using the discount code ‘SAVEMACG’ listeners can get 10% off the price.

The documentary that Jaimie refers to is called ‘Nothing Changes: Art for Hank’s Sake’ (2018, dir. Matthew Kaplowitz) about the artist Hank Virgona.

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