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This month we return to our first in-person recording for way too long, as we sat down with writer, musician and all-round cultural agitator Bill Drummond. 

This month, we are speaking to the Egyptian poet and author Iman Mersal. We talk about the genesis of ideas, structure and form when writing in Arabic, and the importance of urgency in directing your writing.

This month, we chat with David Shields about his unique approach to writing on the boundary between reality and fiction. David is the internationally bestselling author of twenty-five books, including Reality Hunger (which, in 2020, Lit Hub named one of the most important books of the past decade

In this episode we’re joined by Johanna Hedva, a Korean American writer, artist, and musician who was raised in Los Angeles by a family of witches, and now lives in LA and Berlin.

In this episode we speak with the Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. An indefatigable defender and promoter of African literature and language, Ngũgĩ’s writing spans from the early 1960s onwards and he talked to us about his journey to become a central figure in the emergence of African writing’s recognition across the world.

This month we’re joined by Daisy Hildyard, the author of two novels – Emergency (2022) and Hunters in the Snow (2013) – and one work of nonfiction, The Second Body (2017).

This month we retreated from the audio realm to sit down with Ansgar Allen for minor literature[s]. We discuss his fiction, the processes behind it, and the creative and critical power of irreverence.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Unsound Methods – thank you to everyone who’s joined us along the way, and hello to any new arrivals… In this episode we speak to Ewan Fernie and Simon Palfrey about the writing of their collaboratively composed novel ‘Macbeth, Macbeth’ (available from Boiler House Press, here: https://www.boilerhouse.press/product-page/macbeth-macbeth-by-ewan-fernie-simon-palfrey)  ‘Macbeth, Macbeth’ …

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In a slight shift from our literary fiction focus, we caught up with writer and script editor Jenny Landreth – one of the driving forces behind the brilliant children’s animated TV show ‘Hey Duggee’. Having both become fathers only weeks apart in the summer of 2018, Hey Duggee was one of the most joyful discoveries …

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In this episode with chat with Etgar Keret, writer of short stories, comics, a children’s book and a memoir. Etgar’s books have been published in fifty languages and his writing has appeared in The New York Times, Le Monde, The …