Jenny Landreth

In a slight shift from our literary fiction focus, we caught up with writer and script editor Jenny Landreth – one of the driving forces behind the brilliant children’s animated TV show ‘Hey Duggee’. Having both become fathers only weeks apart in the summer of 2018, Hey Duggee was one of the most joyful discoveries in the often barren wastelands of our young daughters’ TV choices…

We learnt about how script editing works and how a show like Hey Duggee is put together, as well as speaking a little about Jenny’s work on the upcoming reboot of the Magic Roundabout. Jenny also spoke about balancing non-fiction writing with children’s TV and the feast and famine nature of freelance work.

WARNING: for those of you who might want to listen with Duggee loving children around, there is a small sprinkling of the kind of language you wouldn’t hear in the Squirrels’ clubhouse…

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