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    Iosi Havilio

    This week we talk to Argentine author Iosi Havilio. We speak about his upbringing in Paris and Buenos Aires, the links between music and literature and the process of creating and exploring a unique new universe with each progressive novel. Open Door, Paradises and Petit Fleur are all published by And Other Stories, you can buy them here: http://www.andotherstories.org/book/petite-fleur/ Follow us: @unsoundmethods or unsoundmethods.co.uk

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    Megan Dunn

    This week we speak to Megan Dunn, author of Tinderbox (Galley Beggar, 2017). We cover the act of balancing fiction and non-fiction, wrestling with the estate of Ray Bradbury and writing the great mermaid novel of the Western canon. You can find Megan’s website at: https://www.megandunn.org/ Follow her on Twitter: @MeganDunn90 Tinderbox is available from Galley Beggar Press: https://www.galleybeggar.co.uk/shop-1/z7du0g4kxeypqtatvaftcnxrjqil2d Follow us @unsoundmethods or unsoundmethods.co.uk  

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    Episode 01 – Neil Griffiths

    In this episode we speak to Neil Griffiths, author of the recent As A God Might Be published by Dodo Ink Neil was winner of the Authors’ Club First Novel Award for his earlier novel Betrayal in Naples, and shortlisted for best novel in the Costa Book Awards for Saving Caravaggio. Neil is also the founder of the Republic of Consciousness Prize which recognises independently published novels that combine ‘hardcore literary fiction and gorgeous prose’. We discuss the ecosystem of fiction, the present golden age of indie publishing and the Republic of Consciousness prize, which Neil founded. If you enjoy this podcast please follow us @unsoundmethods or unsoundmethods.co.uk

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    A literary fiction podcast

    Hosted by Jaimie Batchan and Lochlan Bloom. [jetpack_subscription_form] Talking to contemporary writers of literary fiction about process, what makes fiction ‘real’ and the motivation to sit down in front of an empty page and make things up… For suggestions, guests, interviewees contact