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    Rebecca Watson

    In episode 43, we're joined by Rebecca Watson, novelist and arts writer. Rebecca's debut novel, Little Scratch, grew from a short story that was shortlisted for the White Review short story prize and our chat took us through: expanding a short story into a novel. Investigating how writing can replicate the immediacy of thought. Playing with fiction and reality, and much more.

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    DBC Pierre

    In episode 39 we are joined by DBC Pierre, fresh off a bout of working on a non-fiction work. We discussed how this writing differed from fiction, how constantly reworking sections is a gift that provides intimacy with the text rather than drudgery, the perils of using two columns per page in a novel, using lockdown as a chrysalis for the next chapter and much more besides.

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    Jon McGregor

    Jon joined us in the midst of full fat lockdown to discuss how he constructs his novels, his writing residency in Antarctica and the research with people who suffer from aphasia and their carers that informed Lean, Fall, Stand.

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    Jaimie Batchan – Siphonophore

    Episode 36 – the launch of Jaimie Batchan’s novel Siphonophore Something a little different for the first pod of 2021: Lochlan and Jaimie get together (remotely) and have a couple of drinks to celebrate the launch of Jaimie’s debut novel ‘Siphonophore’ – which is out now through Valley Press. The chat covers Jaimie’s approach to writing, a bit of his history, sacrilegious suggestions of cuts to Finnegans Wake and a discussion of the fundamental weakness of analogies highlighting unnecessary cruelty to both cats and frogs. If you are interested in reading Siphonophore (and huge thanks if you are – JB), then you can find the book here: https://www.valleypressuk.com/book/154/siphonophore – by using the…

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    John Englehardt

    In this month's episode, we caught up with John Englehardt, author of 'Bloomland' (2019, Dzanc Books). John has also written for Vol.1 Brooklyn, Sycamore Review, The Stranger, Seattle Review of Books, Conium Review, Monkeybicycle, and elsewhere.